Feeding Finnley

We have been home now for a couple of weeks. Of course the first thing I did after coming home was to visit my dad, Jack, taking him to lunch (you don’t want to know where), and have my granddaughter, Finnley over to spend the night. Finnley will be a year old in April and I thought it would be of interest to tell you what we feed her. Of course I am not an expert on feeding babies, just a grandmother who wants her granddaughter to have the healthiest diet possible.

When we found out that my daughter Shelly was pregnant, we got her and her husband Bill a Vitamix. My motive of course was to use it to make raw baby food.  At first Shelly thought it would take too much time to make the baby food, but soon found out how much better the fresh food tasted, how much healthier, how easy it was, and how much cheaper it was than buying baby food. When it came time to introduce food, we did not start with the cereals as suggested, we blended fruit such bananas, pears, apples. There is a hand grinder (we found ours in Target) for baby food that we found useful for soft fruits, like bananas, pears, and peaches. The raw fruits have so much more nutrition than the cereal. If the blended fruits were a little too juicy, I would add a little ground flax seed (giving her brain Omega 3 fatty acids), and the fiber also keeps her regular. I add probiotics to her milk when she stays with me. This helped with a yeast diaper rash, which she seemed to get when teething. She did not like the texture of blended spinach, which also became a little watery, so we would mix it with fruit.

Finnley loves some raw food mixtures that I came up with. One was sweet peas, spinach, sprouts, and a small amount of avocado. The other was a green pudding, consisting of kale, spinach and mango or banana, which made getting the greens down easy. The peas need some water when blending, which the spinach provided and the fruit helped sweeten the mixture. Of course she loves my Sweet Potato Soufflé recipe. Babies have a natural affinity to sweet foods. Which is good because her brain needs a great deal of glucose.

Now she is feeding herself small pieces of avocado, peas, cooked sweet potatoes, banana, and other soft fruits. I have also blended frozen organic corn (since we cannot get fresh organic, now) with the greens. She also loves to feed herself whole grain organic oat O cereal. I keep blending the greens because she will not get enough by eating a few peas. She is not on an all-raw food diet, but she does not eat any meat. When Shelly’s Pediatrician suggested that she add meats, she looked at him like he was from another planet, and when she told him what she was feeding Finnley, he said to keep it up because she was healthy and added that most mothers would not go to the trouble of making their own baby food, much less raw.

Another thing that we found to be helpful was our flax and nut pulp cracker, dehydrated until completely dry. They make a great teething biscuits and Daisy their dog loves them too. Shelly had tried a packaged teething biscuit and found out that they were just too messy, thank goodness, as they have sugar as an ingredient. Our flax teething biscuits are not as messy and last a lot longer.

Nana’s Teething Biscuits
Created by Jackie Graff
Sprout raw Food

2 ½ cups Brazil or other nut pulp
3/4  cups flax seed ground into flour
1 teaspoon sea salt (optional)
1/3 cup olive oil

1.    Place pulp, salt, flax seed flour and olive oil in a bowl and mix well by hand.
2.    Roll into 1 inch balls and flatten, placing on a dehydrator tray and dehydrate for 8 hours or until completely dry.
3.    Store in an airtight container and refrigerate.

Serving suggestions: Bread should be kept refrigerated in a sealed container. May be placed back in dehydrator to dry the outside.

I hope this will help others who are feeding babies! If you have any tips for feeding infants, please e-mail me – Jackie @sproutrawfood.org.

"I love my Nana's teething biscuits!"

"I love my Nana's teething biscuits!"

"My Nana makes the best raw baby food!"

"My Nana makes the best raw baby food!"

Peace and love,
Jackie Graff


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